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Resume Writing Services

Where To Find Certified Resume Writers
Looking for Certified Resume Writers? Smart move. With proven talent and writing expertise, a Certified Resume Writer is a good bet. Where to find them.

Help Choosing An Online Resume Service
Considering an Online Resume Service...? Some are extremely good, and others aren't worth your money. How to tell the difference -- before you're stuck.

Cheap Resume Writing Service - Bargain Or Buyer Beware?
If you've found a cheap resume writing service, have you found a bargain? Maybe not. Why the cheap resume writing service fails to impress a former recruiter.

Resume Pricing - Does Your Resume Come With A Lamborghini?
Wondering about resume pricing? With professional resumes running the gamut from $25 to $1000, here's advice on what to expect from your resume writer -- and a fair price to pay for that professional resume service.

5 Things To Look For In Resume Writing Services
Resume writing services are a dime a dozen. But there are a few gems out there. Here's help. Former pro resume writer offers up the top 5 things to look for when evaluating resume writing services.

Writers Offering A Free Resume Critique... Free Resume Evaluation
Free resume critique... Of the resume services we review, only one offers a free resume review/critique. But in general, it's buyer beware.

What If All You Want Is A Resume Critique?
A resume critique... yes, there are "free" review sites. But if you want a serious resume critique, written by a certified resume writer, we found one worth the money ... GreatResumesFast.com

These Offer A Guaranteed Interview
Guaranteed interview... arguably the best resume guarantee you can get with a resume writing service. These resume services offer a guaranteed interview ... ResumeWriters.com, Resume-Service-Inc.com, Careers-Plus-Resumes.com.

Professional Resume Writing - These Are Our Top 3 Picks
If you need professional resume writing... Our former recruiter reviews the Web's most popular professional resume writing services. His Top 3 picks.

Certified Professional Resume Writer - Our Top 3 Picks
Get a certified professional resume writer... says former recruiter. His Top 3 picks for services employing certified professional resume writers.

Resume Writing

Resume Achievements - Make Sure They Motivate Employers
Resume achievements - a critical part of your marketing campaign. But do they matter to prospective employers? Some do. Here's what motivates employers.

Free Resume Samples - Should You Copy Free Resume Samples?
Free resume samples... it's tempting to copy and paste the content directly onto your resume. But consider 3 things before using free resume samples.

Where To Find Keywords To Use On A Resume
Resume key words... you know you need them. But where to find them? Here's where to find keywords to use on a resume. Help from a former recruiter.

You Are Invisible Without Resume Keywords
Resume keywords... how important are they? Well, you're invisible to computer databases without resume keywords. Help, and real world examples...

Plain Text Resume - After Converting A Resume To Plain Text...
Plain Text Resume - If you've converted a copy of your resume to ASCII, you still need to fix the gremlins that accompany plain text resume conversions.

E-Resume File Formats - 6 Popular File Formats for E-Resumes
Got a resume you need to turn into an e-resume? Get the format wrong, your resume won't get read. Familiarize yourself with the 6 file formats for e-resumes.

New Graduate Resume - 5 Resume Tips for the New Graduate
Writing a new graduate resume...? Even though the economy has retrenched, there are jobs out there. Get one. Here's help with your new graduate resume.

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for Resume References
The resume reference page... a minefield if there ever was one. Consider the following "Top 10" Do's and Don'ts for Resume References to minimize the risk of a being tripped up at the last minute by a rogue resume reference.

Job Hunting

Job Hunting on a Company Website - 5 Practical Tips
Job hunting on a company website - it doesn't get much more direct. This former recruiter says go for it, and offers five tips to maximize your voice.

Top 3 Job Search Mistakes
To err is human. But mistakes in a job search can take a heavy toll, and are often preventable. A former recruiter shares the Top 3 mistakes most often made during a job search. Learn and avoid.

Resume Advice | First, Know What Motivates Your Future Boss
Here's some resume advice before you put pen to paper: know what motivates employers. Former recruiter identifies the 6 likely needs of your future boss. 

Lower Job - Should You Be Willing To Take A Lower Position Job?
A lower job... should you accept one if offered? If you're out of work in this economy, you can't afford to close the door to a lower position job, says this career specialist.

Senior Resume - Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes On Your Senior Resume
The senior resume... if you're over 50 and facing the prospect of a career change, you need a senior resume that can compete with 20 and 30-year-olds. For starters, make sure your mature resume avoids these 5 common resume mistakes.

The Executive Resume

Senior Executive Resume Writing Services - A Skeptical Review
Every senior executive resume writing service we looked at fell short... except one. Our former recruiter reviews this senior executive resume service.

5 Questions For An Executive Resume Writer
An executive resume writer. Avoid the hacks and find the cream of the crop by asking these 5 questions before you sign up with an Executive Resume Writer.


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