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Our Top-Rating for a Resume Writing Service

Grad Level / Mid Level / Executive
$169     $199     $299

From The Website" No call-centers, no middlemen, no junior-level associates or English majors. We partner you exclusively with the most experienced and respected resume professionals
in the world."

"...solid counseling on the resume front." -Time Magazine

By David Alan Carter

As the largest network of independently contracted, certified resume writing professionals on the Internet, this company truly has the resources to best match you with a writer most qualified in your profession. And when they say "guaranteed interviews" in 60 days, they mean it; if you don't get a job interview after 60 days of having them write your resume, they'll provide a new, re-written resume at no charge. You can even choose to work with your old writer, or be assigned a new writer for a totally fresh take on your resume.

Note: The company isn't forced to double-down on their work very often. In the 6 years that they've offered guaranteed interviews, they've only had 21 requests for a re-write. Given their tremendous volume of customers (we're talking tens of 1000's of completed orders), that works out to an enviable 99.98% customer satisfaction rate.

Here's How It Works

Visit... ResumeWriters.com

Select the resume writing service that best fits your experience level; student or recent graduate (and professionals with less than 2 years experience) at $169.95, career professional (more than 2 years experience) at $199.95, or executive and senior-level management at $299.95. Cover letters and package specials available. Pay online for the service and submit your current resume and related information via their secure website.

You're assigned a writer who best fits your profession/discipline. Your writer contacts you and consults directly with you; gathering any additional information and planning the resume project.

You'll receive a first draft within 72 hours as an email file attachment in Microsoft Word. Work with your writer on revisions until you have a final draft you're happy with. Hard copies on high-weave resume paper can be mailed to you for an additional fee.

Here's What We Liked

  • ResumeWriters.com Review | Guaranteed InterviewsCertified writers representing a universe of professions. Their writers specialize in more than 5 dozen career fields and industries. No matter what your experience, no matter what job you're hoping to land, they can match you with a writer who's on top of that discipline.
  • Sample resumes on the website are quite professional. Especially like the variety and uniqueness in design and layout--while all maintaining a quality of workmanship that we value.
  • Fast turnaround. Get your resume back in 24-72 hours.
  • Pricing is upfront; no guesswork.
  • 24-hour rush available for an additional $75.
  • Guaranteed interviews--or get a free re-write.
  • The company meets Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation standards and holds an  A+ rating

Resume Writers.com Review - The Wrap Up

In business since 1998, ResumeWriters.com comes by their longevity for one reason--satisfied customers (remember 99.98%?). In sum, we like the unique styles in resume design/layout, and the obvious quality of workmanship on the writing side. Pricing is reasonable, given the quality of the end product, and they hold an "A+" rating with the BBB. And the guarantee of interviews is icing on the cake.

We had no trouble giving ResumeWriters.com our highest rating (5 Stars) for resume writing services.

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Well done to say the least
Dan from Brooklyn
This was something that I seriously wondered about. Are there even people out there who know how to write a resume for a living? I can tell you that at least for my industry it completely worked out. Ask for Kristen if you can, but she might not specialize in your industry.
Posted at 5:40:pm 08/04/13
not impressed
John from Va
I used a resume writer.com, to broaden my jobs options. I received my resume and there were few misspellings and word mix ups. I was surprised to receive a letter from a one of interviews, and she made comments that said that my resume didn’t show enough of my experience etc. compared to my interview. So I wrote my resume writer. It showed him what she wrote and comments. Then he tells me please tell me what you want me to change. I had already gave him detailed description of what I do. I didn’t get the resume redone and I did it myself, if I need to tell them exactly what needs to be put on it why do I need to pay someone. I really feel I resume was pretty generic. The objective/career summary was so non-personalized.
Posted at 1:04:pm 07/19/13
Very Pleased
David from Cincinnati
I was completely satisfied with Resume Writers.com. They were thoroughly professional. Quick turnaround time with a professional writer. They guarantee customer satisfaction and their price structure is extremely competitive. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Posted at 3:56:pm 06/07/12
not impressed
I ordered the resume plus cover letter package and was not impressed with the results. The resume itself was decent, it highlighted other areas for the specific job for which I was applying, however, when I asked if I could change directions, they wanted to charge me for writing another resume (for half the price). The cover letter was very generic, I asked my writer 3 questions about it which she completely ignored.
I did receive my resume in less than 72 hours, but really it was not worth the price. If you want one-on-one contact with someone who is really going to take time to find out what you are looking to do and get out of the process, resumewriters.com is not the place for you.
Posted at 3:33:pm 03/22/12
Resume good, rest not
Thomas from Singapore
I just used their Executive Platinum package with the LinkedIn add-on. Instead of 3 days response time it took five days for the first version to arrive and overall 20 days until everything was done. The quality of the resume itself is great, although it was mostly a rewrite of my own resume with a few original thoughts. There was no live interview or proactive requesting of information. The letters were not very inspiring and require serious rewrites for the inidividual case. Not really worth the investment. The LinkedIn profile guidance was simply a cut&paste exercise from the resume without any tweaking for the actual online profile. Specific questions about the LinkedIn approach were simply ignored. When I wanted to change something at the last minute, they wanted more money. Overall, a good resume but the add-ons follow too much a cookie-cutter approach that is not really worth the money.

Posted at 10:58:pm 12/27/11
Have you used ResumeWriters.com? Share your thoughts about the company and the service they provided, and give them a rating (1 through 5 stars) based on your experience.

You don't need to give your email address or any website info - just a first name and the city or state where you're located. -- Editor
Posted at 11:57:pm 05/21/11
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