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Views and Opinions
by David Alan Carter

For job seekers on a tight budget, Resumes Planet seems an easy call - get a resume built from scratch for under a hundred bucks. Better yet, the company guarantees you'll land an interview within 30 days, or they'll revise your resume at no additional charge.

Not so fast. First of all, there's the down side of most budget resumes: quality. In the case of ResumesPlanet.com, we know what we're talking about; we've seen the sample resumes they've posted on their website. Not so impressive. There are other troubling issues with the company, as well (see what we didn't like, below).

Here's How It Works

Visit... ResumesPlanet.com

Navigate to the category that best fits your work history: entry level, professional, career change, executive, military or federal. Decide if you want to include a cover letter with your order. Or sign up for the full package (resume, cover letter, thank you and follow-up letters). Fill out their order form, and send in your career info. Upload your current resume, if you have one.

Don't expect a one-on-one telephone interview with your assigned writer. At these prices, it's just not in the cards. If need be, you can communicate -- via messaging system.

You should receive your completed resume within 72 hours in four formats: WORD, electronic, scannable and web. Unlimited revisions until you're satisfied. They also guarantee at least one interview within 30 days. If not, get a free rewrite.


Here's What We Liked

  • A network of 200+ writers suggests a broad professional knowledge base. 
  • Pricing is easy on the wallet.
  • Four formats. Your resume is sent to you in 4 distribution formats: Microsoft Word, electronic, scannable and web.
  • Guaranteed interviews.

Here's What We Didn't Like

  • While it's claimed all writers are members of an industry association (Professional Association of Resume Writers), that's not the same as saying the writers hold industry certification. We can only assume they don't. And we have a bias toward Certified Professional Resume Writers.
  • A one-on-one telephone interview is not in the cards (surprise, we have a bias toward telephone interviews).
  • We weren't terribly impressed with the writing quality of the resume samples posted on the company's website. And that's being charitable.
  • In fact, we weren't terribly impressed with the writing quality of the site itself. The evidence points to writers for whom English is a second language. For example, on the FAQ page, the following question is asked: "What does Resume Distribution serve for?"
  • Huh?
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Better Business Bureau is not impressed with either Resumes Planet or their parent company, Universal Research LLC. On a scale of A+ to F, the BBB gives both entities a rating of "F."

ResumesPlanet.com Review - The Wrap Up

The marketing pitch is that you can get a professional resume for less than a hundred bucks. The reality is that the writing quality here is not up to par with the services we rate at 3, 4 and 5 stars. And that means your resume will likely not be competitive in the marketplace. To add insult to injury, the number of customer complaints filed against this company -- and the lack of response to those complaints --have garnered an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.

If you've got a few more bucks to spare, consider the $149.00 resume over at ResumeCorner.com. It's a significant leap ahead in writing quality, and all the writers are certified (in fact, they each hold at least a Master's degree). Better still, the $199.95 resume over at ResumeWriters.com or the $249.00 resume at ResumeEdge.com. These are two companies with top-notch certified writers and very attentive customer service. And our highest ratings. See the pull-down menu above for in-depth reviews of each of these companies.  

Our recommendation is to pass on this company. As with all of our reviews, this is our opinion--we always advise readers to do their own due diligence. For those who would like to explore further...

Go to ResumesPlanet.com 

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