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Views and Opinions
by David Alan Carter

Update: This company's website has been disabled as of October 2016 and the company appears to no longer be in business. As such, we have removed from this site all active links to the company. Our previous review as follows...


Before we proceed, be aware that the Better Business Bureau had, until recently, issued an "alert" for this business. It read in part: "According to information in the BBB files, it appears that the company is no longer in business. The BBB's mail to this company has been returned as undeliverable." Luckily, that's all changed. The BBB now acknowledges that the company is actually in business. Of course, they give them an "D-" rating. More on this later.

On with the story...

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Once upon a time, the Los Angeles Times ranked this company the "Best of the Bunch" among its internet peers. We're scratching our heads over that, given the difficulty we've had just trying to communicate with the company. To their credit, they have secured exclusive partnerships with the likes of the American Management Association, CareerBuilder.com, Military.com, and colleges throughout the nation. And they employ a team approach to resume writing, which has its benefits (they say they've got grammarians on staff). Still, the negatives persist (see "Here's What We Didn't Like").

Here's How It Works

Place your order and email a copy of your current resume, or provide a synopsis of your work history to give them a starting point. You'll be assigned a contact person who will call and conduct a telephone interview--gathering more background info, identifying your strengths and exploring the best marketing approach for your qualifications.

Your resume team goes to work. You'll receive a draft of the resume for your approval--suggest any changes until you're happy with the end product.

Once the revised version has been approved, you'll receive your final resume via email. They'll also send along 20 hard copies on high quality cotton bond paper via Priority Mail.

Here's What We Liked

  • Team approach has its merits. We like the idea that more than one writer has a hand in the creation of your resume. Kind of a check-and-balance thing. And all writers supposedly have real-world business backgrounds.
  • Hardcopy resumes are a nice touch. You'll get your final resume via email, which is standard operations for online resume services. But this company adds 20 hard copy resumes sent by mail. Nice, especially for those who don't have access to a quality printer.
  • Pricing is fair. Pricing points hit the middle of the pack for the companies we've reviewed.

Here's What We Didn't Like

  • Writers might be "professional," but they aren't necessarily "certified." As in Certified Professional Resume Writer.
  • The Better Business Bureau had been unable to get a response from this company for three years. Ditto for us. The first email inquiry we sent the company was automatically bounced back to us with the notation, "likely spam." Spam?
  • The second email inquiry we sent the company--on a different email address--was ignored.
  • The third email inquiry we sent the company--on yet another email address, directed to management--was again ignored.
  • Huh?
  • Perhaps this explains the abnormally high cancellation rate of new orders.
  • Update: The Better Business Bureau has finally established contact with the company. That's the good news. The bad news is that the BBB gives them an "D-" rating on a scale of A+ to F. The problem appears to be the company's failure to response to customer complaints. Each and every one. Read the BBB report HERE.
  • What kind of failure, you ask? Well, here's an exact quote from a complaint filed with the BBB: "Hired company for an Executive Resume ($245.00). Never received resume. Requesting a refund. No return messages."

e-resume.net Review - The Wrap Up

In summary, yes, the LA Times smiled favorably on this company at some point in the past, a commendation that the company likes to parade about at every opportunity. We have to question if the LA Times ever tried to actually communicate with the firm. While the company certainly has some positive attributes if their website is to be believed (i.e. telephone interviews, team writing, centralized proofreading), the inability to communicate with this company is most disturbing. And in our mind, negates any positives.

Given our own personal experience with this company, as well as the poor BBB rating, we can't recommend this outfit. As with all of our reviews, this is our opinion--we always advise readers to do their own due diligence. For those who would like to explore further...

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