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In-Depth Review | Erin Kennedy's  Exclusive Executive Resumes

Erin Kennedy's
Exclusive Executive Resumes

Our Top-Rating for an
Executive Resume Writing Service

Executive Resume Packages range from...
$1495 - $3495

From The Website"Whether it's planning the strategic infrastructure of a Fortune 500 company, or negotiating multi-million dollar partnerships, we will position you to get
the job you want

Views and Opinions
by David Alan Carter

I've made no bones in the past about my skepticism when it comes to pricey executive resume services. Obviously, the depth of experience inherent in the climb up to most top executive positions requires a greater time commitment on the part of a writer. Hence something of a larger fee is justifiable, to compensate for that extra time. Something along the lines of $300-$500, say, for an executive package (i.e., resume, cover letter, post-interview follow-up letter).

But a thousand dollars? Fifteen hundred dollars?

Once a service begins charging upwards of a thousand for an executive resume, it becomes more than just compensation for time spent on the project. It becomes compensation for better talent behind the writing. And therein lies the problem. A lot of companies want to charge the charge, but the talent is elusive.

Don't get me wrong: there are good writers out there, talented writers with relevant certification and industry experience who can certainly craft a resume for a senior-level executive that will get the phone to ring (we've identified some of the more qualified resume services here). But very few writers are masterful in the art of executive resume writing. Masterful in the sense that they are justified in being paid more than half a grand to do their work.

Erin Kennedy, CPRW, CERW

Erin Kennedy May Be One Of The Few

Those few who are masterful in the art of executive resume writing can charge a premium for their time and talent. And such a premium is justified on the grounds that the decision to call in a candidate for an upper echelon position can often swing on subtle branding techniques employed in the candidate's personal marketing campaign. When you're putting yourself out there as a candidate qualified for President, CEO, COO, CFO, or other senior/c-level position, you need every bit of talent you can find on your side. Premium talent.

We think Erin Kennedy may be one of those few. Beyond certification (see bullets below), Kennedy is a nationally published author and contributor to 16 best-selling career books. Kennedy specializes in executive branding. Through an in-depth consultative telephone interview and her unique data mining process, Erin and her team will assess your career - progression, accomplishments, objective - and develop a cutting-edge, value-branded marketing campaign that remains at its heart, authentically you.

Here's What We Like

  • You'll talk directly with Erin Kennedy. At the executive level, you'll have an initial telephone consultation with Erin Kennedy, owner of the company. She will then match you with a member of her select team of expert writers, one who specializes in your discipline and fits your needs perfectly. Kennedy remains in collaboration with your writer - discussing strategy, content, focus, brand, etc. And Kennedy conducts the final review of the documents before they're sent to you.
  • Impressive credentials. Kennedy is a Master Career Director (MCD), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and a Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW). The latter designation is held by only a few industry professionals worldwide.
  • Contributing author. Kennedy is a contributor to 12 books relating to resume writing and careers, including "Cover Letters For Dummies, 3rd Edition," John Wiley Publications, 2009.
  • Writing team is "best of the best." Backing her up, each writer on this select team is hand-picked by Erin Kennedy. These are, quite frankly, some of the nation's top resume writers – collectively holding numerous awards, and serving as contributors to various career publications and resume-writing books.
  • Samples speak volumes. The samples of executive resumes, available on her website, showcase the kind of talent she can bring to your project.
Erin Kennedy's Exclusive-Executive-Resumes.com

The Wrap Up

Without over selling the concept, sometimes you really do get what you pay for. If a nod from a hiring committee means you land the COO position to the tune of $450,000, you don't need me to tell you that Erin Kennedy's resume was a good return on investment.

If you see yourself benefiting from this top-flight writing team, we've secured a locked-in fee of $1695 through the link below -- if you want it. This is for Kennedy's Executive Resume Package "A" (for Senior-Level and all C-Level), a service that could normally run up to $1995 depending upon your background. As with all of our reviews, this is our opinion--we always advise readers to do their own due diligence.

Go to Erin Kennedy's Exclusive-Executive-Resumes.com 


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