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David Alan Carter

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This relatively small shop can have a huge impact on your marketability as a candidate. Why? Two reasons. In the first place, the company is made up primarily of writers for executive-level candidates. That obviously makes sense if you're an executive. But professionals, IT folks and even entry-level job seekers benefit because these same writers employ the same branding techniques and writing acumen that get CEOs hired.

And secondly, the company is run by Erin Kennedy. Kennedy is a nationally published author and contributor to 16 best-selling career books. While Kennedy herself specializes in executive branding, the full weight of her experience and corporate philosophy come to bear on every resume -- from grad level on up.

Here's How It Works


Fill out their short form (name, email and phone number) for a free consultation. They will reach out to you and explain how they can help.

2. You'll be partnered with a Certified Professional Resume Writer who will gather information and brainstorm with you during an in-depth telephone consultation. You'll be asked to send along via email your existing resume and any supporting documents.
3. You'll receive a draft of the resume. Discuss any necessary edits or revisions with your writer. Once the resume meets your approval, you'll receive the final version in 3 formats (Word, ASCII and PDF).

Here's What We Like

Writing team is "best of the best." Backing her up, each writer on this select team is hand-picked by Erin Kennedy. These are, quite frankly, some of the nation's top resume writers – collectively holding numerous awards, and serving as contributors to various career publications and resume-writing books.
Samples speak volumes. The samples of resumes showcase the kind of talent they can bring to your project. We like what we see.
Military and Federal. Writers are experienced in handling military-to-civilian transitions, as well as Federal resumes and KSAs.
Available Resume Critique. Already got a resume that's simply not performing? Find out why. For a reasonable charge, receive a comprehensive, 3-4 page report about your resume detailing everything from overall appearance to keywords and branding. 

But This May Give You Pause

Clients need patience. This is not a 24-hour turnaround operation. In fact, you'll need to allow 1-2 weeks or more for the first draft of your resume. As Kennedy says, and I quote: "Perfection takes time."

BTW, this is less a complaint than a gentle heads-up to those who need a resume yesterday. You won't get that here.

ProfessionalResumeServices.com Review - The Wrap Up

With a client base that is 85% referral, this company is doing something right to keep clients happy and spreading the word. That "something" is getting those clients interviews that lead to jobs.

The company owner, Erin Kennedy, is a Certified Master Resume Writer, a nationally-published author, and a contributor to 16 best-selling career books. With a hands-on management style, she directs a team of award-winning writers in creating what she calls "show stopping resumes."  We believe it -- we've seen the results.

Pricey? No way around it. Worth it? We think so. And we have no problem giving Erin Kennedy and company our highest rating (5 Stars) for a resume writing service.

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David Alan Carter


Entry Level Professional Executive
$549.00 $649.00 $1695.00

Prices above are packages that include Resume, Cover Letter, post-interview Thank You Letter, ASCII resume (.txt), and PDF resume.

Executive Package also includes Reference Dossier and Linkedin Profile Development.

Additional Services:

  • Pro Plus Package (for Mid to Senior Level Candidates with 10+ years experience): $849.00
  • Military-to-Civilian Packages start at $695.00.
  • Federal Resumes start at $495.00.


The Better Business Bureau does not have a file opened on the company. There are usually two reasons for this: 1) the company hasn't been in business that long, and/or 2) there haven't been any customers complaints to trigger a file. Since Professional Resume Services, Inc. has been in business since 2005, that's certainly not the issue.

While we like to have a BBB file to rifle through, we understand when one is not available. And the positive spin is... no customer complaints.


The following resume samples courtesy of Professional Resume Services, Inc. More at the company's website.
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Web Address

The company uses two domain names:
Either one will lead you to the same company. 



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